Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kissimmee Housing: Florida Vacation Rentals

Just arrived at our home for the week...

When we found out that our Florida vacation was going to be with a few more people than we had expected, we decided to get a vacation rental home.  In a vacation we had taken6 years earlier with my parents and siblings, we had rented a vacation home, and it was great.  So, I naturally gravitated toward this option when we knew there were 4 families going on vacation!

Florida Home Vacation Rentals is a great company to work with.  We used them BOTH times for larger family vacations.  The staff is extremely helpful, and with each e-mail to see exactly how much we would be spending for the weeks we were looking at, they would e-mail me in less than a day, if not with in only a few hours.  And no matter HOW many homes I had questions about, they happily answered all of my questions.  And if they didn't know they answers, they found out quickly, and got back with me.

View from the pool to the lake behind the rental house.

There are a HUGE selection of homes with anywhere from 2 bedrooms to 14!  And everything in between.  You can choose a condo home, or an actual home in a housing addition.  Most additions are gated, some are not.  You have the option of a heated pool, heated spa, grill, game room and much more. 

Being that there were 4 families going on our trip, we chose a home with 4 master bedrooms.  We also chose to have the pool/spa heated, and use of the grill.  We had a game room, which was great for the kids (and the adults!).  And you have a countless number of amenities, depending on the home you choose. 

In the end, going with a vacation home, each family ended up spending less than we would have in renting from a hotel in the area.  Which is always a plus with a large family!

Boys swimming in the pool on our last evening in Florida.

So don't let traveling with your extended family scare you away from a vacation!  Check out (Florida Home Vacation Rentals), and look at their huge selection of homes!


Megan said...

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