About Us

We are a family of 6 from Indiana.  Mom and dad have been VERY happily married for 12 years now.  We have 4 wonderful, active and fun boys, ages 9, 8, 6, and 2.  We live on a small farm in Northeastern Indiana.  On our farm, we have chickens, goats, Jacob sheep, cows, ducks, and a turkey. 

When we have some down time, we LOVE to take a break and head out on vacation!  We love nature and go camping at least twice a year.  We also love to travel to new places!  I love the amazement on our son's faces when they see or try something new. 

In life, we want our boys to remember the importance of family. We hope that all of the fun times together will not only be great memories for them as they grow, but also we hope this lays a foundation of the way they will raise their own families someday. 

We hope to, in the future, continue to travel with the boys.  Though it is a little more difficult with a larger family, it is not impossible!  I consider it a challenge!  As the boys grow, we hope to continue to show them more and more of the fun things around us!